Why is Hyper Green Environmental superior to other environmental cleaning companies? It’s simple, conventional companies use conventional products and they just don’t work in today’s time. With the Flu, Super Bugs, Viruses and even Pandemics at our fingertips, Hyper Green Environmental has a team of highly skilled technicians who understand not only the essential cleaning needs in today’s times, we understand above a perfectionist level, incorporating the highest levels of knowledge, products, and service available in our industry today. Hyper Green Environmental provides the best products and services to a variety of residential, commercial and industrial locations.


Why Hyper Green® products… Our patented Hyper Green® formula is water-based, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and has a pH balance of 7.0. Once on the treated surface, Trident Technology® creates an invisible long-lasting barrier of protection which will keep the air that you breathe, to the surfaces you touch protected! Thus providing healthier solutions for our families, communities, and our planet for generations to come. Every once in a lifetime, something comes along that changes the game. It takes you to the next level and makes you feel you’re ahead again. That Lifetime Is Now!

We use EPA registered products that are manufactured in our EPA registered facility, creating the most advanced scientifically proven multi-purpose cleaners and protectants in today’s market. These products have attributes that work against the elements to eliminate, protect, and inhibit everyday issues with our surroundings. We are the only full-service company that developes, manufactures, and services What’s Important to You! We test for success and give a 100% guarantee that it’s safe for humans and pets. Hyper Green Environmental® offers start-to-finish solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial hygiene.

Infinity® is the most advanced scientifically proven multi-purpose, multi surface product on the market today! Infinity® has combined attributes which work together to eliminate, protect, and inhibit surface issues in and around areas which matter most to you! Infinity® eliminates odor & smoke on contact, prevent corrosion and rust, and prevent the staining from mold and mildew. Once on the treated surface Infinity® create an invisible long-lasting barrier of protection.  Infinity® protects fabrics, textiles and hard surfaces, indoor or outdoor, in and around your home, office, automobile boat or what matters most! Infinity® is Hyper Green® water-based, non-toxic non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-hazardous and has a pH balance of 7.0. Infinity's barrier of protection prevents the biological footprint from returning to the treated surface, which also keeps pests away. So protect your most valuable assets with piece of mind. Infinity's ®  patented Hyper Green® technology wont rub off or re-enter our environment.

Infinity Shields®

Infinity® works on all odors, all smoke, prevents corrosion and rust and prevents the staining from mold and mildew. Use Infinity® on soft surfaces like fabric, linens, and textiles, and hard surfaces such as concrete, stone, ceramics, metal, fiberglass,  wood, vinyl, stainless steel, siding, all roof areas, wood decks, concrete patios, sidewalks, driveway, stucco, tiles, shingles, wall boards, wood composite, patio ceilings, HVAC units and coils, duck boards, counter tops, outdoor cabinets, natural stone, patio furniture, patio furniture, awnings, shutters, PVC, exterior air conditioning units, cushions, canvas, camping gear, tents, tarps, ropes, filters, new turf, throw rugs,  outdoor carpet, animal beds, dog houses, fences, kennels, diaper pails, raw trash, trash bins, trash cans, trash chutes, dumpsters, compactors and containers, animal renderings, bird feces, skunk odor, sludge, leachate, grease traps, car wash tunnels, all fuel vapors, nuts, bolts, wires, cables, foam insulation, tubing. Infinity® can be applied to a surface material with a moisture content up to 65%. Infinity® wont harm plants and has a natural UV protectant.

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Infinity Shields is Hyper Green®

Wait Until You Experience Infinity®!

Infinity Shields®

We are the first Hyper Green® manufacturer which will keep the air which you breathe, to the surfaces you touch, protected! Thus providing healthier solutions for our planet, our families and the communities we live and work in!

Satisfied Customers 100% Guaranteed!

Infinity Products are the most advanced, scientifically proven, multi-purpose protectants on the market today!

Infinity® products will show you our Made In America, Veteran Owned and Operated products work!

We set out to solve every day issues and took out leadership qualities and teamwork skills and made it happen!

Simply We Got It Done! No more do you have to buy a product for every issue! We will save you Time and Money!

We added up everything Infinity® works on, found it in the store....Wait til you see what we will save you!

Use Infinity® to eliminate pet and animal odor on contact. Cat litter box, dog bed odor, skunk odor, Infinity® products work on all animal odors.

"I was called to a home to eliminate the odor of a dead rat under the home. I was met by the contractor to show me how to navigate under the house. The contractor asked me if what I was spraying worked? I replied that I purchased my product from a local hardware store and it only masked the odor. I was requested to use his odor eliminator, Infinity Pro. When I crawled back from under the house I asked the contractor Where On Earth Did You Get This? Infinity Pro worked better that any other product I've ever used professionally! As a test I pulled a skunk tarp from my truck which had skunk spray all over it. It was wrapped in two bags and still emitted skunk odor. I sprayed Infinity Pro on the tarp and bag and the odor was gone on contact! Infinity Pro is my new go to product! The homeowner even wanted some!

Mathew Hawkins Owner

Hawkins Animal Trapping & Removal

I have a distribution company in Tampa Florida which sells an array of products to the smoke, vape and c store community. While at a Trade Show in Orlando we rolled up on a booth which had Infinity products on display.  We were curious if it worked on smoke odor like they said. The guy in the booth asked if we were staying at the hotel. We said yes and with that we were handed a bottle of The Blast by Infinity. We were told tomorrow come visit us and you tell us if it works! Its water based non toxic you can even spray your clothes.... We laughed, well...

If I didn't experience this product with my own nose I would of never believed it! The Blast by Infinity blew our minds....We smoked in the rooms and sprayed The Blast. It worked so well we had to leave the room and re-enter just to see for our self's that we weren't fooled! It worked on contact... We never left the room again and smoked all three days! No Odor from Smoke existed. we sprayed everything even our clothes. Here's the best part...We never got banged for the charge if your caught smoking in the room! Needless to say we now rep the Blast and Big Blast to all our clients! The Blast by Infinity Works! 

The C Store Tampa!

We are a family of four and live in a typical home with everyday issues, pet odor from a dog. Cat odor from a litter box. My sons hockey gear sitting in the garage would make you think something died in there! My husbands boots can wake you up from a sound sleep if the wind is right. Sometimes my garbage pail will overflow before someone empty's it, and we always have pests rifling through the cans. I've used everything you could image. My best friend turned me on to Infinity Pro. She said I've got something for you, use it and tell me what it doesn't work on!  Well girlfriend "SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!" OMG!!!  The Bathrooms a must! The pets beds, couch, letterbox! YES! linens, clothes, hockey gear, boots! the garbage cans! counter tops, I've even added it to my laundry's rinse cycle and it keeps the towels from that moldy smell! You've got to be kidding me, I told her. She said her husband researched this product and said it does much more! Cigar odor Gone! We pressure cleaned the roof and patio last year and we still have no mold or mildew on the surface! Our stone columns are spotless too. We also used it on the coils of our air conditioning units and this year after summer the ac guy told us we still have no mold or mildew. "Its clean as a whistle" he said. He was so amazed he now uses it on service calls.  Here's the best Spiders! I hate Spiders, so I sprayed the garage and poof no more spiders! Once a month I use Infinity Pro as insurance. My husband sprayed the trash cans and said no flies, no birds and no raccoons! We actually keep several bottles on hand. Were happy someone finally developed a product that works and saves us time and money!

Dianne  G. Domestic Engineer!

Car Odor! mold, old milk spills, wet towels from the beach, smoke! all kinds of issues, and the only product on the shelves were oil based products which masked and stained if you sprayed the interior. I got a hold of the Blast from a fellow smoker and its been my best friend ever since. Eliminates all odor and smoke on contact like they say! No staining either. I spray everything! My dad had issues with my moms car. Rats were chewing the wires under the hood. We used Infinity Pro and Infinity Pro Rinse and soaked the car engine and under carnage and its been 6 weeks and we've had no issues! Its True No News Is Good News! Thanks Infinity

Josh B

I own a boat and its simple, the elements and more take there toll every single day. Not one day goes by that I dont see mold or mildew on cushions. Smell that special scent while down in the cabin. Fuel fumes "YES" its become the fragrance! How about the cooler! Yes, fish odor over took the need to keep my beer and soda cold long ago!  

But! I'm telling you how it is with no B.S. Infinity Pro is my new "Go To" Protectant....Odor eliminator...Corrosion fighter, and Streak Preventer!  Infinity Pro even extends my wax job by three months! Now let me get more specific.... My fish cooler after Infinity Pro became my beer cooler again, and from time from time fish still see the inside with no fear of lasting odor! Fumes are yester year. I've even got the dock master using Infinity Pro. Infinity Pro amazes me every day... I just hope there enough to go around!

Dan D.

Pro Family man, Semi Pro Angler!

The Fact of the matter remains that Infinity is the first Hyper Green® patented formula which bonds to fabric, clothing as well as Hard surfaces protecting what matters most! You can spray it, dip it, or just add it to the rinse cycle of your wash! Never before has a product like Infinity® done so much for the life's we lead each and every day. Its important for us to share this because if we can protect your most valuable assets, we've stepped up and put protection to a whole new level! Infinity Products are scientifically proven to enhance the quality of your life and create an invisible barrier of long lasting protection, from the clothes you wear to the surroundings you live in.

Infinity® Because We Care... Enjoy!

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The Blast   1.67 oz Pump Spray 20 Essential Fragrances

The Blast Specialty Box Pick Any Fragrance 25 to a Counter Display

The Big Blast 8oz Pump 10 Essential Fragrances to Choose From

Infinity Shields®

Trigger Spray Bottle 32 oz

Infinity Shields®

1 Gallon Ready To Use

Infinity Shields® Hose Rinse 65 oz Super Concentrated


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